Chris Grad - Apr 23, 2012

Big tourism spenders indeed pump a lot of resources into travelling around the world. For the countries that are embedded in marvels of nature, tourism can be a big domestic or foreign exchange earner. International tourism, unlike domestic tourism, attracts a lot of big spenders who travel from far and wide just to have sights of the tourist attractions.

For Australia, the Asian countries, such as China or India, are notably the biggest tourism source markets. Tourism research reports in Australia analyze that the Asian tourists contribute up to an approximate of $10 billion to the tourism industry in Australia. Some of the most attractive tourism site in Australia includes Sydney Harbor in NSW, Great Ocean road in Victoria, The Blue Mountains in Sydney, Fraser Island in Queensland and Kakadu in the Northern Territory of Australia. These sites are mainly natural landmarks but there are also manmade landmarks that pull a huge traffic of tourists.

In Singapore, even as most financial experts are warning of an economic slowdown, the Indians are spending big to emerge as the biggest tourism spenders. The Singapore tourism board reports show that the Singapore national income from tourism rose to 41% cashing in almost 300 million in Singapore currency. The Indian provided most of the traffic into the tourist attraction in Singapore. An increase in the number of tourists from Malaysia and china was also reported by the Singapore Tourist Board.

Europe is actually the most dominant continent that proves to produce big tourism spenders according to world tourism statistics. The same statistics show that a whooping 14 out of 25 big tourism spenders are from Europe. Most of these European tourists, besides travelling in and around Europe, also travel to other continents to witness the various marvel of nature in other continents. Europe and its countries are majorly famed for its attraction in the hotel industry. Its magnificent hotels host most of the world's top tourism spenders. This despite the fact that Europe boasts of the world's biggest tourism spenders, helps to raise further foreign income for the respective European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands and England among others.

Africa is also not left behind as it boasts of some of the world's attractive tourism sites. Statistics in Africa put Nigeria ahead of other African countries as the continent's biggest tourism spenders. Nigeria itself boasts of a huge population and with several natural landmark sites. The seventh wonder of the world, the popular wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania definitely make it a huge tourist attraction site. The tourism site has seen big tourism spenders from across the world, mostly Europe; visit it during the time of the wildebeest migration.


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