Dan Rang - Jan 8, 2008

Ahmadabad in Gujarat, India is a city with long history and several million inhabitants. Once called the Manchester of the East (it is famous for its textile industry), this city has been a Mecca of artists. Nowadays, it houses many educational and creative institutes, e.g. the National Institute of Design, The School of Architecture, or The Kanoria Centre for the Arts. The newest attractive invention of Ahmadabad is Arts Reverie – a hotel designed exclusively for artists.


The hotel is situated in a very charming rural locality in a beautiful 1920s mansion. The aim of the project, founded by three artists Anupa Mehta, Jeremy Theophilus and Barney Hare Duke, is to welcome talented artists from all over the planet and provide them with inspiring environment, a ‘safe haven’ for the guests’ contemplations.


Arts Reverie provides both short-term and long-term accommodation options. For the convenience of the clients, special exhibition area within the mansion is available for presentation of the individual creations. Also, the management offers a wide range of complementary cultural events. One of the most important advantages of the project is the initial idea to mediate communication and cooperation between artists and important personas of the cultural world. Especially young talents get a perfect opportunity to improve their craft and perceive art from various perspectives.


There is also a very well equipped library within the complex which also contains a complementary mini bookstore. Activities local guests may indulge in apart from their creative process are plenty. Especially the numerous museums are very popular; e.g. the L D Museum of Indology, Calico Museum of Textiles, Shreyas museum of folk art, The Ravi Shankar Rawal gallery, or the Herwitz Gallery.


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