Gregory Dolgos - Dec 7, 2009

Tours in classic mini cars are now being offered to visitors to the English capital. They are said to provide the ideal way of seeing the city and getting a taste of history at the same time.



London is arguably the richest city in the world and, as a result, Ferraris and Bentleys are to be spotted almost on every street corner. Being flash and using financial muscle does not turn many heads in this massive metropolis. However, being original and throwing in an element of history to services offered does turn heads. Seeing a classic cottage amongst mega rich mansions is comparable to seeing Mini Coopers on the busy streets of London. What more, the Minis now offer unique sightseeing tours organized by smallcarBIGCITY.


To complete the act, the Mini drivers, who play the biggest part in this offer, dress in 60’s style dress to make the experience even more authentic. The Mini is beginning to provide the great alternative to its supersize competitor – the London bus. If one starts to think about tours around London, then the giant red vehicles usually spring to mind. However, the buses are not so good at negotiating the heavy traffic around, say, Marble Arch yet Minis have no problem with coping with this. Another positive factor is that the Minis offer tourists a completely different view of London, almost from the ground.


The iconic British cars are now being hired or chauffeur driven for a number of reasons. There are a number of tourists, who wish to simply view the capital in an historic and original way. Others are car enthusiasts putting tourism onto the back seat and even weddings have been staged in the car, which used to be the butt of many a joke. It seems that Mr. Bean’s famous vehicle will not be laughed at on the streets of London for much longer as it surely gains more and more respect.




  1. Funny, I just try to image my whole family of 4 fitting into the tiny car for a ride:)))


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