Tourism Review News Desk - Jan 8, 2008

When the holiday season approaches, many tourists start imagining themselves lying somewhere on a beautiful beach, holding a cocktail maybe with the little umbrellas, swimming in a turquoise sea or just relaxing in the sun. The perfect area where one simply cannot go wrong is the Caribbean. Hoards of tourists cruise its waters to find their ultimate dream vacation. For those, whose main decisive factor as far as holiday goes are beaches, Antigua is the ideal place to go.


Antigua and Barbuda are two islands which are part of the Leeward Islands, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Antigua is in fact the largest island in the archipelago, as is about 11 miles wide and 14 miles long. Compared to the hilly Antigua, Barbuda is a rather flat coral island about half the size of Antigua.


The Antigua and Barbuda nation is mostly of African descent, as this area once used to be a British colony. However, the original inhabitants were the Siboney (or ‘stone people’) some 2,500 years ago. During the British dominion, Antigua functioned as a key port as well as a commercial colony. And thus, most of the island’s architectonical landmarks remind local visitors of the colonial era.


The most valuable asset of Antigua are its beaches. Actually, there are 365 of them – one for each day of the year. All are fully accessible and the choice depends merely on individual taste of the tourist. The waters are crystal clean, absolutely perfect for snorkeling and diving. The visibility is also exceptional and those who venture to the deep will be rewarded by the sight of strikingly rich coral reefs and even sunken ships offering a shelter to the diverse fauna present in the waters of the Caribbean.


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