Cecilia Garland - Jan 18, 2010
New initiatives of Spanish Ministry of Tourism should provide help to Andalusia’s tourism businesses in designing their products, applying innovative strategies and e-marketing. The main goal of the project is to transform the local tourism industry.  Andalusia Lab, the center for tourism innovation led by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism, announced plans to launch two new projects and three programs for enhancing business innovation in the local tourism industry, reported server The services will include consulting services helping travel companies to innovate or design their product. The businesses will be also advised how to incorporate new strategies or processes into their activities.The new projects were announced by Luciano Alonso, Councilor for Tourism, Trade and Sport, who explained that the first of the initiatives, Research Lab, will identify the needs of tourism business management, market research and technology. The Research Lab already started working on two strategic projects promoted by the central government that invested in total €13.5 million for their development. The second of the projects to be launched this year is the Demo Lab. Through this initiative, tourism businesses will be able to try various technological solutions that are available and that they might use in their own companies to boost their profits.  Among the new programs to be soon started is also E-Commerce Promotion Program whose goal is to promote Andalusia as a tourism destination more effectively on the Internet. Another program is online Consultancy Platform providing consulting services for tourism businesses. This initiative aims to render participating companies with the necessary tools to enhance their Internet presence and market their product more effectively. The third program is a project called Value Added & Low Cost Service providing solutions for SMEs in order to enhance their competitiveness. Through the new projects, the Andalusia Lab that associates 25 public and private tourism organizations expects to provide services to 5,000 companies and to help transform Andalusia’s tourism industry in a positive way. 

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