Pat Hyland - Dec 9, 2008

Adventure tourism, heart-stopping experiences and adrenalin sports have a very wide fan base all over the globe. Every year, the list of thrilling activities grows longer and thus the choices are vast. Close encounters with dangerous animal species may to some seem like exactly what they would never wish to experience, however, there are many enthusiasts who cannot help it. They pay any price to get friendly with the sharks or whales or other unpredictable animals.

Lucky for these, there is one new and very hot attraction waiting for them in Darwin, Northern territory in Australia. In Crocosaurus Cave, all who find the courage have a unique opportunity to swim with some giant saltwater crocodiles, or salties, as the locals like to playfully call them.

All the equipment needed are swimming goggles and a swim suit and the fun may begin. The tourists climb into a box and are lowered into a tank with the crocodiles. To be so close with these amazing creatures is a thrilling experience impossible to forget. It is not exactly similar to diving with the sharks, as these are usually further away; in this case, the crocodiles are only a glass wall away and often show how much they hate being bothered by the curious divers. They are no tiny creatures, too: the saltwater crocodiles may grow up to 19-20 feet

One dive lasts about 15 minutes and a maximum of two divers may enter the box at one time. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the entire adventure. There are even stars among local giant residents – Burt, for example, appeared in the famous movie Crocodile Dundee where he almost ate Linda Kozlowski.


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