Nils Kraus - Jul 27, 2009
Despite the worldwide trend of dropping tourism numbers, Africa seems to be an exception as it still records a growth in the number of visitors. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), worldwide international tourism dropped by 8 % during the first quarter of this year. They expect the global tourism industry to decrease by 6% and  4% over the whole year 2009. Europe has been hit particularly hard by the crisis with a 10 per cent drop in tourism arrivals during the period. America, Asia and the Pacific as well as the Middle East were also doing not very good.Africa on the other hand is an exception as the continent has recorded a 3 per cent growth during the period in question. Especially destinations in Northern Africa were doing well. Morocco, Tunisia, and other parts of North Africa recorded a 6 per cent growth through April. Sub-Saharan Africa has recorded a 2 per cent growth. Kenya was doing particularly well as local political situation has become somehow more stable. More tourists are going on safari to the country this year than the year before. Stronger Euro makes African countries more affordable to travelers from the Euro zone and also more Americans are traveling to the black continent. According to governmental figures, overall outbound U.S. travel has declined 9 per cent but the number of flights to Africa has risen by 30 per cent. For many African nations, tourism is a vital source of income. Morocco for example makes big efforts to boost its tourism industry. It has even been named the “African Tourism Destination of the Year” by African Business magazine and the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) since the country invests heavily in tourism infrastructure.     Related:UNWTO REPORTS GLOBAL DECLINE IN TOURISM ARRIVALS MOROCCO FIGHTS OFF CRISIS BY TOURISM


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