Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 16, 2008

The time spent up in the air during flights is viewed rather ambiguously by the business world. It may be seen as dead time during which nothing can be done and, let’s not forget the phrase, time is money after all. Others see it as the perfect opportunity to have an excuse for being unreachable and out of contact. Now that American Airlines has become the first airline to offer internet services up in the sky, this excuse has now been thoroughly wiped out. The reaction has been mixed, yet mostly of a positive nature.


The service has been arranged in order to please the multitude of business travellers who have trouble with coping with the fact that they are not accessible for the length of their journey. To the further pleasure of the passengers, the service shall be just a few dollars more expensive than an in-flight snack, with an internet speed comparable to that of an internet café or a hotel. For those wishing to work on board, the system is a certain plus.


Frankly speaking, the invention of the highest internet connection on the planet is a way in which American Airlines can recuperate some of the costs of the fuel, which have been described as extortionate. The in-flight internet service is expected to be earning up to $6.6 million per year once it is up and running. This would most certainly make a considerable dent in the rising cost of expenditure, whilst keeping customers happy at the same time. As a result, other major global airlines are certain to follow suit. The one disadvantage of this particular internet service is that phone calls via the internet shall not be permitted.


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