Alec Hills - Mar 20, 2007

American tourism has not only recovered from the consequences of the 9/11 tragedy, but seems to be making progress. Inbound tourism is at record levels. This shows that tourists’ confidence in the safety aspects of visiting America has been restored. The list of countries sending visitors has also been enhanced. Nowadays, 57% come from neighbouring Mexico and Canada, although this is certain to change. Sharp growth is expected in coming years from Brazil, China, Russia and India as these are the world’s most rapidly growing nations in terms of outbound tourism. Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Ireland, India, China, Denmark and the Dominican Republic sent more tourists to America last year than ever before in history.


Last year"s statistics are impressive. The total revenue from tourists was $107.4 billion. This is 5% more than in 2005. The total number of foreign visitors was 51.1 million, just under the 51.2 million recorded in 2000 before the terrorists struck. 2007 is set to be the first year where statistics related to tourism are to match those before September 11 2001


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