Joe McClain - Mar 31, 2012
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All inclusive holidays are hugely popular among holidaymakers. They however mean not only advantages but some drawbacks as well.

Planning for holidays is not always an easy task, since it usually involves spending significant amounts of money. One needs to strike a balance between setting aside sufficient money for the holidays, while also ensuring that there is enough to live on after the vacations. After all, it would be imprudent to overspend on the holidays, only to come home to bills that one cannot pay.

However, with the onset of all inclusive holidays, people no longer have to worry about overspending. Vacationers pay upfront for all their holiday expenses such as transportation, accommodation and meals. People can therefore enjoy their holidays without worrying about expenses, while they do not have to worry about overspending.

These considerations have made this kind of vacations very popular among holidaymakers. At a glance, this may seem like the perfect holiday package. Yet there are some drawbacks too.

Cheap all inclusive holidays as well as the luxurious ones have various pros, the main one being that they are very convenient. All that people have to do is relax and enjoy their holiday, since all expenses have been paid.

Further, since the package covers all the expenses involved, it is particularly good for families and people who have a specific budget. This is because they are restricted to what they have paid for; hence they will not exceed their holiday budget. Travelers opting for all inclusive vacations do not have to spend money except on souvenirs, or if they venture outside their hotel. If the inclusive package has various extras such as tours or onsite recreation, one can have a very enjoyable holiday.

However, all inclusive holidays also have their drawbacks. While a lot of things are covered in the package, there are important things that are left out. Once people get to their destination, they often realize that they have to pay for certain services from their pockets such as childcare and internet access.

Further, most people are restricted to their all-inclusive hotels, since they do not want to spend more. As a result, they rarely explore their locality or go for excursions, which may diminish the holiday excitement. This is particularly relevant for resorts that are located far from any attractions.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of an all inclusive holiday, there are certain factors that one needs to consider in advance. To begin with, it is important to understand what to expect at one's destination. In this case, one needs to know the food and drinks he or she can have as well as the services that have been paid for. This will ensure that one will not have miserable holiday because the package did not turn out to be so inclusive.

Also, it would be advisable to check out the costs of non-inclusive packages in similar hotels in the same location. In so doing, a person can be able to determine if the all inclusive package is offering good value for money. All things considered, all inclusive holidays can be a wonderful experience if planned well in advance.

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