Joe McClain - Apr 22, 2008
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Alaska is one of those places which are on the list of most desired destinations to visit. Its overwhelming beauty is so intense that visitors who have been here are firmly determined to return. The ideal way of ‘discovering’ this amazing state is usually by traveling on a cruise liner. Cruise line operators always include Alaska on their itineraries and also organize on-shore visits and an exciting adventurous program for a variety of tourists. In the recent years, a new hot trend has emerged among the must-do activities here. Snorkeling may sound as a very extravagant idea; nevertheless, adventurers absolutely praise it.


The Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure is one of its kind. Visitors who will arrive at Ketchikan, Alaska, should book their three-hour adventure prior to their holiday and make sure they will have enough time while their ship makes birth here. There are only a few restrictions (usually concerning weight limit and physical condition), and beginners are very welcome. The adventure includes in-depth instruction by an experienced guide, all the necessary equipment and then an hour of the most amazing snorkeling fun.


Many people worry about the temperatures, however the water gets to 65°F (18°C) in the summer. It is available from May to September and there is lots too see in local clear waters. The wide variety of fauna and flora is breathtaking.


After the snorkeling enthusiasts get back on the boat, hot beverages are prepared to warm them up and prepare them for the journey back. While on shore, tourists are very welcome to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness and other exciting activities it offers; rock climbing, mountaineering, and kayaking are only the beginning.

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