Cecilia Garland - May 7, 2012

It seems that Ryanair must do a lot more in terms of improving their services. In a poll conducted to in-flight regulars, it was Ryanair which was voted as the ‘Least Favorite Airline’.

Customers often complain about Ryanair’s services. It doesn’t particularly help that the airline company calls themselves ‘most popular’. Although Ryanair from the beginning positions itself as the low-cost providers, where airfare is minimal, it does not serve as an excuse to lower standards.

In the same poll, provided by TripAdvisor, it was revealed that Virgin Atlantic came first as the most popular airline service. The second placer was British Airways. Although British Airways is second, only 20% of English tourists prefer to use their service.

Singapore Airlines are a close third in the battle for most popular airline. With the topnotch service they provide, only Dubai-based Emirates and Thompson Airways come next.

Ryanair has been voted the worst for three consecutive years. The Dublin based airline has a lot of work to do to get back into the competition, in terms quality of services.

The poll was conducted to a population of 936 tourists from the United Kingdom. TripAdvisor also revealed the most annoying aspects of airlines among respondents.

The most negative in-flight disturbances come from reclining chairs roughly and disturbing the other passengers onboard. Other complaints point toward badly behaved children.

The poll also concluded that 69% of all passengers thought that overweight passangers should compensate by paying for two tickets. This is so as not to disturb and leave other passengers feeling uncomfortable.

84% felt that other passengers could do away with mobile phones. The fact of the matter is that talking via phone is a very delicate issue. In terms of airplane equipment safety, disturbing other passengers with boisterous voices is a cause for concern.

Airport security is a matter which should be taken seriously. In the poll, it seems that 80% of the respondents approved of the full body scanners in UK airports. With the threat of terrorism looming, the fears are warranted.


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