Andrew J. Wein - Apr 28, 2009
Airlines and airports seem to have no limits in what they can charge for. Passengers are being charged for absolutely everything, including what nature calls for! It seems that the sky is the limit for the charges. The most ridiculous charge is now at Luton airport. It is no secret in the world of travel that airline companies are beginning to save on almost everything and that the budget airlines tend to make charges out of absolutely everything. However, a number of airlines have really gone to work on charging for some ridiculous things. Airports are also to blame for the introduction of some ludicrous charges. This revolution in pricing and charges may end up turning passengers away from airports and directing them towards train and bus stations.Surely the award for the most ridiculous charge goes to Luton airport, which is set to charge 1 pound to drivers just dropping passengers off outside the airport terminals. This seems to be a rather expensive kiss goodbye and is set to test the patience of a number of drivers and passengers in the Luton area. Ryanair also seems to be heading for a medal in ridiculous charges. If you are going to take a Ryanair flight in maybe a year’s time, make sure you avoid spicy food and a lot of liquid. Otherwise the charges for the toilet may leave you a bit short. The same company is thinking of charging passengers for the printing of boarding passes at check-in desks, as if it were a requirement of the passengers themselves.Other crazy charges include paying 7 USD for a pillow on board Jet Blue flights, which may be worth avoiding the neck ache, a charge of up to 35 USD for booking flights over the phone for U.S. Airlines flights and the United Airlines policy of charging people for being overweight. Admittedly, this charge should survive up to the moment of the first law suit for discrimination.  Related:OUTLOOK FOR WORLD AIRLINES LOOKS BLEAK


  1. Have you ever crossed the Atlantic or flown from New York to Las Vegas / Los Angeles sitting next to an overweight person? It happened to me on a flight from New York to Buenos Aires and I had to make a big objection to get the attention of the flight attendants and the Captain to find me another seat - it is the most uncomfortable situation you ever encounter.
    If people are so big that they are not able to fit into an airline seat, then they should be asked to buy two seats - you cannot expect the passenger next to them to pay the price!


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