Nils Kraus - Aug 21, 2007

What is the travel industry’s worst kept secret? It is that flying and dealing with airports is far from the best and most comfortable way to travel. Shouting children, long queuing, heavy baggage, delayed flights and overloaded trolleys are just a few of the problems. On a similar note, the U.S. bureau of transportation statistics recorded that there were an astonishing 728 071 delayed flights between January and May this year. This is far from impressive and more and more passengers are becoming angry at the unreliability of the airline industry. So what are the airline companies doing to combat such a lack of faith in their services?


The first step has been to introduce a new type of seating to the aircraft. This has come in the form of chairs, which can be stretched out, into beds. At least this means that passengers can enjoy their flight in some form of comfort. Furthermore, airline companies have taken the step of emailing passengers 24 hours prior to take off providing information about possible delays and problems they may encounter at the airport. This service has so far been met with a positive response from most travelers. The third main step to make the passenger’s life easier has been to introduce upgraded and more modern ticket offices at airports for the comfort of travelers. These kiosks are generally focused upon self-service and have similarly been met with a very positive amount of feedback. Despite the optimism, the new suggestions have been met with skepticism from certain people. They claim that it is merely a cover-up for the incompetence of the companies and the general burdens, which are carried with traveling by air. Whether the new ideas will be successful or not shall be seen in the not-too-distant future.


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