Tourism Review News Desk - Feb 3, 2009

The air travel industry has had its ups and downs of late. Airline companies have been really struggling to cope with the demands inflicted by the world economic crisis. However, away from the harsh realities of the budget airlines, there are certain elements of tourism in the air, which build up a great deal of excitement. The super modern A380 Airbus is at the pinnacle of this trend.

Airbus keeps drawing the attention of the world’s top business people, especially when plans to make it even more luxurious and tempting are implemented. For several years there have been rumors of converting A380 into a flying casino. Although there is no exact time stated, such plans may soon come true.  

Richard Branson, the majority owner of Virgin Atlantic, already announced his idea of building six Airbuses not only with casinos but also gyms, beauty parlors and private double beds. It may seem to be a huge investment, especially in these days, yet if the planned luxury services kick off, then there is no reason not to be optimistic about a flying return on the investment.

The flying casino is expected to be launched sometime between 2012 and 2017. It could be particularly interesting for the rich gamblers in Thailand or Macao. Gambling in Thailand is illegal, yet the aircraft will not be on Thai soil where the restrictions would apply. This means that Thai people could take off into the sky to try black jack or roulette. 


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