Tomas Haupt - Oct 31, 2011
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Airbus expects that air traffic in Africa is set to grow beyond the general rate of global growth in the next two decades.

The growth of a number of African economies along with increasing stability and a greatest interest in what the continent can offer for tourists. This is leading to increased optimism in the future of African tourism and airline companies are set to benefit.

The growth of the airline industry on a global scale is expected to be around 5.4% between now and 2020. Africa expects a higher rate of 6.5% per annum according to Airbus. The above figures, naturally relate to comparison and the starting points of places of extreme importance. Whereas many countries have numerous Aviation Megacities, the whole of Africa currently has just one.

An Aviation Megacity is a place, which serves 10,000 or more passengers per day and currently Johannesburg is the only African representative in this category. By 2020, if the Dark Continent is to cope with incoming, and in some cases outgoing, demand, then 6 such places will be necessary.

This is the reason for such a level of enforced growth. Africans do not have the luxury of Europeans, whereby many destinations are reachable either by land or sea and air travel is becoming more and more necessary.

Such expected growth is going to bring major challenges to a number of prominent airlines. South Africa, according to estimates, is going to need 180 more aircraft at huge costs. This expenditure though spread over a few decades still provides massive challenges.

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