Anna Luebke - Feb 5, 2008

The great number of “low cost” service providers in air travel or hospitality contributes to the steadily growing amount of travelers who cross borders for business or leisure. However, what about the low cost destinations in terms of plastic surgeries?


Recent statistics of the medical tourism industry show that the affordable medical services outside the developed countries motivate people to travel in search of a perfect look as never before. In 2007 in the UK alone the number of the most popular plastic surgeries that the Brits underwent such as breast augmentation or eyelid formation was up by 50% compared to the previous year. Despite the severe opposition and strong lobby of the local plastic surgeons the number of aesthetic treatments of British citizens traveling abroad has been growing dramatically.


The affordable price which is often the most powerful motive for making similar decisions is not the only reason why patients seek good health care across the border. “Keeping one’s anonymity is also quite an important issue for many customers,” explains Eva Bendova, manager who takes care of the foreign clients. In cooperation with the top Czech medical clinics, her company designed packages that include the medical treatment, accommodation, spa procedures, sightseeing programme as well as transfers.


“The average cost of the common nose reshaping operation, including all the additional services, is about €1700,” says Mrs. Bendova. Adding up the price of a return ticket and some pocket money to make the stay not only affordable but pleasant as well we come to some €2000. In the UK for example in BUPA Hospitals or CApio, the same surgery alone costs between €4000 to €5500.


The surgeons in the Czech Republic, Hungary and many other eastern European countries are qualified according to the standards of EU. The patients thus can get not only the quality health service and individual treatment but they can also relax in the numerous local spas or enjoy some sightseeing while paying less than half and getting double. Such calculations naturally become very strong factor moving the statistics of traveling for plastic surgeries even higher.


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