Gregory Dolgos - Jul 3, 2007

The North American Alaska has been praised for its pristine nature and striking wildlife. It is a very large state that is one of the least populated of all the United States. The country is very unique, and many tourists would agree that the best way of enjoying it is from a cruise ship. It is true that many spectacular places are only accessible by sea or air, including Juneau – the capital; but to restrict a trip Alaska to the safety of cruise ships would be a great mistake.


Once off the ship, there are many activities the adventure seekers may go for. But the latest thrill anyone will greatly enjoy is the newly opened zip-line; so far, it is the world’s longest zip line. It is called The Zip Rider and even though it opened in May at Icy Strait Point, it has already become a spicy attraction for a lot of tourists.

The Zip Rider takes tourists from the heights of a mountaintop to the beach below. The adventure lasts about sixty seconds and the zip line pad is tucked in the midst of a dense rain forest 1,330 feet above sea level. The raiders will love the 5, 330 feet-long ride which lasts about ninety seconds. As there is no ground contact between the launch tower and landing platform, there is minimal impact to the environment. Naturally, there are weight restrictions; the weight range is 90 to 275 pounds.


The zip line is an amazing adventure, however there is much more to try in Alaska. Glass-bottom kayaking, rafting, bear watching excursions, helicopter tours, hiking, dog sledding or trekking – and that is only the beginning. Alaska is a very attractive state and tourists would be much more charmed by its beauty if they left the cruise ships and took a taste of the ultimate Alaskan adventure.


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