Anna Luebke - Mar 1, 2010
Most Polish travelers who fly to the UK use low-cost carriers. Short trips abroad are also growing in popularity among Poles. Most travelers come from the Mazovia region and the most popular airport is Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport. According to the latest report of eSKY.pl, a Polish branch of airline ticket booking server, the most popular destination for Poles is the UK. It has been so ever since the labor market in the UK has opened for Polish people in 2004. Approximately 25 per cent of airline tickets sold via the server were for the UK. The other most popular destinations for Poles were Germany (8% tickets), Italy (7% tickets), and Spain (4% tickets).The figures also show that the inhabitants of the Mazovia region are more likely to travel than the rest of Poles. Last year they bought approximately 33 per cent of the airline tickets the company sold, while travelers from Silesia booked 16 per cent of the tickets. On the other hand, the least tickets were sold in Świętokrzyskie and Lubuskie regions. Most Polish travelers (22 per cent) preferred Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport over the airports in Katowice, Krakow and Gdansk. Nearly 75% of the customers decided for low-cost carriers. Many of the travelers do not realize that the final cost is higher because of the fees for the transport of baggage. Also, the airports were low-cost carriers operate are often farther from the city center. Moreover, eSKY.pl reported that Poles increasingly prefer shorter trips lasting usually only one week (25% of all booked trips). Also, short weekend breaks lasting 2-3 days are gaining in popularity among Polish tourists. Last year, 5 per cent of the trips were weekend breaks and the percentage keeps growing.The analysis of the data on hotel bookings revealed that only 7 per cent of Poles traveling to London booked there also a hotel room. According to the authors of the report this is a result of the general preference of Poles traveling to the UK’s capital to stay with their friends or to rent private accommodation for a longer period of time.  Related:NEW HOSTELS OPEN IN WARSAWWARSAW CELEBRATES CHOPIN’S BIRTH WITH MUSIC BENCHES 


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