Alec Hills - Jul 5, 2010
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The Shangri La chain of hotels and resorts aims to place a focus on kindness and love towards other human beings instead of just on location and luxury.


Most major hotel chains and resorts all over the planet focus on their exclusive brand, what they can offer to distinguish them from competition and where they are located. Shangri-La, a Hong Kong based hotel chain, is aiming to focus on the more spiritual element of its brand. This does not mean, however, that the ultimate aim has nothing to do with more cash. The idea is to present the notion of kindness to all Shangri-La hotel guests and to lure them on this principle.

Shangri-La, ever since the fictional place appeared in the James Hilton novel „Lost Horizon” in 1933, has become synonymous with earthly paradise and Himalayan mystery. This is the root of today’s brand name and precisely what those involved wish to build on. Staff of the hotels is now making huge efforts to stress the spiritual importance of their brand. All of the novel’s main characters are special human beings, immortal and full of eternal happiness. Many hotel guests would rather be lured into this than have offers of Internet and room service put before them on a regular basis.

The campaign of kindness has the slogan “it is in our nature”. The locations of the hotels, in the heart of Buddhist Asia, aid the image the chain of hotels wish to create. Although the chain has 66 hotels in 17 different countries, the main focus of the campaign will be on the Himalayas. It will have a very international tone, with the Shangri-La chain offering gastronomic delights to its guests from all over the world.

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