Web PR and online tourism communication: Publicity, Viral / Social Media Marketing

Web PR - Online Tourism Communication

Web-PR, online tourism communication and marketing, or e-communication – all these expressions refer to communication and public relations through the internet. Tourism Review team is here to assist you in achieving your goal in spreading the information throughout the tourism industry.

The objective of your message could be sale, promotion, or development of awareness of your travel destination or tourism business. Tourism Review international team of professionals provides you with a number of publicity options and viral marketing techniques in order to deliver your message to the travel trade professionals worldwide.

Sharing the travel and tourism related information among targeting community is a complex and long term task. Tourism Review marketers will increase your web visibility by using an extensive publicity through Tourism Review news channels such as weekly newsletter or Tourism Industry Magazine. In addition, many viral marketing tools such as article marketing, blog marketing and social media marketing are used to increase your website visibility among travel and tourism professionals worldwide.

For customers who wish to unlock the value of multilingual tourism marketplace, Tourism Review team offers truly international online ourism communication communication solution through its 10 language editions combined in the Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN). By using the power of the network our customers may publicize in local editions of Tourism Review and apply its online communication strategies in tourism industry on regional or “hyper national” basis.

Explore all tourism communication options for effective web site marketing in the global tourism industry (TR Media Kit)

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