Tourism Review Online Magazine 7 / 2007

Aug 27, 2007
Dear readers,

the time of summer holiday is slowly coming to its end. However, there is always enough time to go for a short trip. Industrial landmarks of UNESCO seem always a good choice – both for an individual traveler as well as for the whole adventure seeking family. Our September issue presents few of these treasures of the human modern history. Interested in the oldest iron bridge, preserved board mill, ironworks or even Japanese silver mine? Go for the Heritage part of our magazine.
Luxury car clubs seem spreading all over the US and Europe as well. Read about the way the clubs are organized, about the advantages, as well as about the members. The topic of means of transport continues in the section Transport dedicated to small airports and the challenges they need to overcome. Last but not least, our magazine introduces two quite distinct destinations – Antarctica and the environmental impact of tourism, and Montenegro – the not well known beauty in the southeastern Europe.

Milada Sovadinova


HERITAGE: Industrial Landmarks (UNESCO)

Kevin Eagan

- Aug 27, 2007
The World Heritage List comprises of 851 properties considered the highlights of the cultural and natural treasures of the world. Among these 660 cultural, 166 natural and 25 mixed properties we can also find various sites that might be simply called industrial. Some of them stand as true milestones in the history of the human technical skills and possibilities. Some serve to the community even today. Let us pick few of them and get familiar with their history and the meaning they have nowadays.

PROFESSIONAL: Watch and Roll - Auto Clubs

Anna Luebke

- Aug 27, 2007
Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, or Rolls-Royce – who would not wish to drive these babies at least now and then. Exotic or luxury cars bring not only the highest pleasure; they can be very costly with respect to their maintenance and insurance. A popular alternative nowadays are car clubs offering a wide range of beautiful cars for your choice. How do these clubs work? Can anyone join? And ... not that it is of much interest but ... what is the price?

ADVENTURE: Antarctica - Growing Destination

Pat Hyland

- Aug 27, 2007
Antarctica – a beautiful, ice-covered land at the southernmost tip of the Earth. Over the years it has been of great importance to the scientists and polar researchers. For more than two decades now Antarctica has become a growing destination. What do the tourists seek? What do they have to face there? The rise in visitor numbers has recently called the attention of global authorities concerned about the future of the continent because of the environmental impacts of the tourism industry. Let us get familiar with the important issues connected with the icy tourism.

TRANSPORT: Small Airports - Big Business

Joe McClain

- Aug 27, 2007
Airports, small or large, the tourism industry definitely needs them all. Although they need to face similar problems, small airports have some specific challenges to overcome. What is the relationship of the low cost carriers to these smaller and regional airports? What are the roles and the importance of the governmental subsidies? What kind of connection if any appears between the small and the national airports in Europe and elsewhere? Get familiar with all of these issues solved by the airports on everyday basis.


James Morris

- Aug 27, 2007
Montenegro – the beautiful country of the southeastern Europe – still does not belong to the list of European must-sees of the main stream travelers. Gaining its independence more than a year ago the country however starts to call the attention of the more demanding tourists – those who seek amazing and unspoilt nature, mountains, beaches ... Montenegro offers all of it. Let us get familiar not only with the beauties of the land but with the nations strategies used for destination branding as well.