Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2010

Nov 29, 2010

Dear readers,


The December issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine is here. If you want to experience something unconventional, what about visiting the “middle of the world” i.e. Quito? Open the Destination part and learn more. Intangible heritage listed by UNESCO is the topic of the Heritage supplement. Read about Indonesian batik, Croatian lace making or Chinese calligraphy.

Are you fond of trains? Then perhaps you will appreciate the Transport part focusing this time on a few railway stations with impressive architecture and history. The Professional part on the other hand discusses one of travelers’ favorite activities – duty free shopping. However, before setting out for yet another journey read the Ethical part about the importance of travel etiquette and responsible traveling.


Milada Sovadinova



PROFESSIONAL/ The End of Duty Free Shops?

Gregory Dolgos

- Nov 29, 2010

What do we like to do when we travel? Shop! Duty-free stores are an almost unavoidable part of the travel experience today. Still, do you get only bargains in the shops?