Tourism Review Online Magazine 3 / 2009

Feb 23, 2009
Dear readers

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Yes, even the Great Wall of China got its white cover (although Chinese had to fire some iodide sticks to achieve it). If you are fond of snow and winter and you still don’t have enough why not to visit the wide and wonderful Siberia? Beautiful forests, wild beasts and ... what more ... no crowds! Read more in Destination part. Nature, or rather the threats to flora and fauna, is the topic of the Heritage supplement. Ever wondered how the Georgia-Russia conflict affected the local forests? Do you know what animals are on the brink of extinction?

Being green is the trend even in transport. Learn more about the current biofuel projects or solar cars or even about the hybrid ferry taking tourists to Alcatraz. Read the Transport part. Green lawns are the topic of the Active part, specifically the green lawns with small holes and cut grass – yes, the perfect golf destinations of the world. After that you can learn more about the greatest sport event luring thousands of tourists every two years – the Olympic Games. This time the focus is on the costs and benefits of the Games for the tourism industry.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Endangered! Natural Wonders under Attack

Ashley Nault

- Feb 23, 2009
The Caucasian conflict last summer destroyed not only human lives but also parts of the Borjomi Gorge forests that were set on fire. In DR Congo a group of mountain gorillas got caught in the middle of a bloody conflict. In Vietnamese national park the government wants to relocate local residents to preserve endangered rhinos. Read more about the endangered nature.

Professional: The (Un)profitable Olympic Games

Justin N. Froyd

- Feb 23, 2009
The last jaw-dropping Games once again aroused the discussion about all the money spent on hosting the Olympics. Debating the profitability of the two or three week long sport craze the governments often use tourism as the one area that benefits the most. However, the facts tell us a different story...

Active / Adventure: Travel to Tee off

Chris Grad

- Feb 23, 2009
In many regions golf is the perfect pastime only for the elite. In other parts of the world, like Scotland, it is just a common fun. How is it in Asia? Or New Zealand? Have you ever thought about golfing in Kenya? Also, come and read about the No. 1 golf destination of this year.

Transport: Hot Trends - Eco Transport

Wayne M. Gore

- Feb 23, 2009
Sustainability is the word of today’s travel. Even for cars, buses and airplanes. Read about the Bionic project bringing biofuels to cities, about Alcatraz hybrid ferry that make use even of recycled vodka bottles, or about the colorful stickers you need when entering Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Destination: Siberia - The Land of Wonders

Gary Diskin

- Feb 23, 2009

Vast lands, deep lakes, chilly mornings – all of this is Siberia. Come and read about the oldest and deepest lake in the world, about the long long long Trans-Siberian Railway or even a beautiful city with temperatures sometimes going under -40°C.