Tourism Marketing: Outsourcing Communication Made Easy

Gary Diskin - Nov 19, 2012

It is usually quite a challenge for a small or medium travel business to draw the attention of customers mostly due to their limited budgets for advertising and marketing.

There are two ways that are usually employed in trying to increase traffic that is targeted towards a website. The first method involves the most obvious of methods that does not need any technical input whatsoever. This is online advertising that involves the use of context adverts that are popular as well as banners posting. The other option involves the use of smart Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO. This method allows for small tour operators as well as other marketers that use the inbound marketing strategy to attract more traffic from the search engines to the company's website. SEO however requires a bit of knowledge as well as continuous attention for it to be implemented well and in turn ensuring that the site keeps getting the best ranking within the most important search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is such challenges that have led Tourism Review marketers to develop a brand new method tourism marketing solution that works well for inbound travel and tourism service providers in tackling online marketing issues. The solutions referred to as Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) are designed exclusively for the travel and tourism industry players. This tool involves the use of SEM, SEO and SMM and has proven to be reliable as well as cost effective. The solution covers a wide area in the industry as is proving to be beneficial to small and medium size travel and tour operators.

The approach that is embraced by the solution deviates from the traditional publicity methods and adopts a unique feature that provides a multilingual approach. The promotion provides the Tourism Review Digital Network which can be accessed in 5 different languages. This makes the penetration into the market of any of the Tourism Review partners i.e. Germany, Russia and the CEE markets that are fragmented into local markets, made easier. This is due to the fact that speaking to the local partners as well as customers in the local language is an unbeatable opportunity that has been brought about by the Tourism Review team via the Integrated Marketing Solutions.

There are a couple of Information Management System (IMS) approaches that are being offered. These are:

IMS Unlimited: This IMS comes in handy when it comes to online appearance that is intensive as well as building of reputation within the global tourism industry online and non-stop tourism marketing.

IMS Smart: This one is meant for online communication as well as development of SEO that is successful even with a limited budget meant for marketing tourism.

There are four targets that are essential that the IMC solution follows so as to market travel services for customers. These are:

  • Ensuring growth of internet reputation of the travel facility, destination or even business
  • Enhanced ability of partners' web pages being searched in search engines.
  • Developed awareness within the stakeholder and partner ranks.
  • Bringing in additional traffic towards partners' web sites

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