Bill Alen - Nov 11, 2008

It is an age old problem – the family wants to go somewhere on holiday yet the range of activities desired by members of the families differ so greatly that the holiday plans almost invariably end up in an argument. Generalizations are dangerous, but a typical situation could be described as the wife/girlfriend longing for shopping trips whereas the husband/boyfriend tends to want to indulge in a little bit of hedonism. This hedonism usually takes the form of alcohol, sport or gambling. Some American resorts have come up with an idea of combining the wishes of both sexes. The modern tourism industry has a new phenomenon: the casino spa.


At resorts such as the one in the heart of Palm Springs, just two miles away from Palm Springs International airport, there is a place which has something surely for everybody yet mainly combines a casino with a spa. It seems odd how such differing pastimes can come together to create one attraction. Perhaps it serves to suggest that the saying “opposites attract” has an element of truth about it. Some would suggest that the spa is the ideal hiding place for women in a state of stress about their husbands gambling, but that is just pure speculation.


To be fair, the resorts do tend to have a number of other attractions away from the slot machines and face massages. For example, Palm Springs casino and spa are situated just a few steps away from a range of galleries and museums. These options could be seen as further outlets for women whilst their husbands are ploughing coins into the one-armed bandits. By keeping both sexes happy, it seems that the casino-spas could enjoy a great amount of success.


  1. I wonder how popular such combination might be. Isn't it like putting together apples and pears?

  2. Casinos have learned quickly that they need to offer the ladies activities they can pursue while their better half is going after the big money! Las Vegas is now considered the spa capital of the world, as every casino hotel must have a spa in order to be competitive and they are trying to out-do each other in regard to spa facilities and program offerings.
    As a matter of fact, every Resort and Hotel now-a-days is adding a spa to their offerings when renovating or building new!
    That is the "spa revolution" that is spreading rapidly throughout the world!


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