Richard Moor - Feb 23, 2009
Businesses apply various marketing tools to attract customers. A hotel in Singapore offers its customers to pay whatever price they decide for their stay. The new hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen has lunched a special promotional campaign. It has become a pay-what-you-want facility. How does it work? A customer must register at and then wait until booking time comes. Then the first bidder may offer any price he or she likes to pay for the stay. Rooms in this economy hotel start at SGD138 (USD 90) per room including free wifi. The guest who manages to be the first bidder may pay for example only SGD1 (USD 0,65). The campaign really has managed to lure customers. Thousands of people have registered on the webpage and rooms were sold out virtually in minutes over the first days of the campaign. Even though the customers may offer whatever price they like, the bids have gone as high as SGD100  (USD 65,5). The hotel has 538 rooms, wifi connection and an Asian style restaurant. There is also a well supplied bar as well as other services you would expect in a good hotel of this kind.  Last but not least the hotel is ideally located close to major office buildings as well as major shopping and tourist attractions.Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen is, however, not the inventor of the pay-what-you-want idea. Some restaurants have introduced this strategy a while ago. There is for example, Wiener Deewan where prices for drinks are fixed but prices of meals are not. It is similar in the One World Café in Salt Lake City or in Melbourne"s Lentil As Anything.


  1. God bless you and i wishes you sucsess- we in Israel in Jerusalem the holly city -we had some bad years with very low occupency-and on 2003 we came with a promotion :come & stay at the Jerusalem Gold hotel and pay upon your satifaction!!! - I must say that at the begining we were scared - but it teruned to be a big sucsess : upon arrival we gave the guest a nice letter saying we trust him ,his honesty and mature understanding, on the other hand me and my staff workred to make tham very happy and content. We had it for 3 monthes and i must say we were surprised - some paid more than the hotel rates, and we got a lot of pablicity and P.R with no cost.


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