Joe McClain - Aug 12, 2008

China is a closely watched country these days. Its tourism industry is becoming more and more important and so does its transportation sector. Recently, Hong Kong International Airport was named the World"s Best Airport. The airport was granted this status for the 7th time in ten years. The result is based on passengers’ satisfaction survey, conducted by a renowned agency, Skytrax Research.


According to experts from the agency, the passengers’ positive or negative experience greatly depends on time they spend in the airport environment. Chinese are making steps to keep the most popular airport in the future years. They have launched a HK$4.5 billion enhancement program for Terminal 1 and the airfield and at the same time they minimize all possible inconveniences that could result from this construction.


The top ten airports according to results of the Skytrax Research survey in 2008 are:


1. Hong Kong


2. Singapore Changi


3. Seoul Incheon


Number two Singapore Changi recorded increase in customers’ satisfaction thanks to completion of its new Terminal 3. There were, however, very close margins between the first three airports.


4.  Kuala Lumpur KLIA


5. Munich has again become the Europe’s best airport


6. Kansai


7. Copenhagen


8. Zurich


9. Helsinki


10. Cape Town has managed to get into the top ten for the first time


An airport needs to be clean, it needs to be easily accessible and checking in must be quick to make travelers satisfied. Good dining as well as shopping possibilities also help. The things, that on the other hand make customers angry, are most often queues and lengthy security procedures. An airport that wants satisfied and loyal customers needs to address these issues. It is obvious that upcoming economic recession in connection with rising oil prices will make the traveling more expensive and perhaps less satisfying. So far, however, the satisfaction of air travelers with airports steadily rises.


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