TOP 10’s Rankings in the World Travel Market

The Longest Roller-Coasters of the World

Yet another research by the German e-magazine! These people must be really enthusiasts, riding all those roller coasters just to let us know which one is the longest, the fastest, the tallest, simply the best. This time, speed is not what matters but do not worry – you won’t be forced to ride a kids’ choo-choo train. The magazine focused on the length of the ride, because the longer you ride, the longer you enjoy the speed and the more fun you have. Let’s check it with!

10 Places to See Before They Disappear

The environmentalists have been warning us for years. Only recently though people started to listen carefully. Several natural as well as cultural and architectonic treasures might disappear unless we start taking proper care of the environs that surround us. Now Frommers, a professional travel portal, made a collection of destinations you should see rather quickly before they vanish. These ten sites, presented to you by, make up a carefully chosen list of destinations for eco-conscious travelers to enjoy. That verb "enjoy" is crucial for in the process of cherishing these natural and cultural wonders we renew our commitment to preserving them.

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Seven Wonders of the Czech Republic

Besides the original 7 Wonders of the world or even the New 7 Wonders of the world, almost every country wants to have its own Seven Wonders. In the Czech Republic there is no such list however; at least not an official one. Few years ago a local newspaper MfDNES organized an opinion poll. Over 1,2 million readers voted for the top seven architectural marvels in the country. presents the results.

Top Travel Innovations of the Past 10 Years

50 years ago, traveling was not as popular and comfortable as it is now. The transport was slow and exhausting, luggage heavy and most people were satisfied spending their holiday at home or in a summer cottage. Many things have changed since then that made traveling better and easier. asked its readers what they consider the top 10 most important travel improvements and Tourism Review brings you the results of the poll.

World's Quirkiest Camps for the Grown-Ups

Do you think only children play games? Do you think you are too adult to be crazy? Well, you are not! There are many adults all around the world who do not want to give up their childhood games and toys and who would do anything not to have to. A summer camp is a perfect opportunity. Here you can meet people of all ages who have a hobby in common and who just like to play games, even though their hair may be grey and their face wrinkled. Tourism Review brings you the list of top ten absolutely crazy camps for adults from

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Top 10 Airports to Spend Your Night At

Anyone who has ever had to spend a night at the airport knows exactly what services and amenities he/she would like to receive yet unfortunately mostly doesn’t. Comfortable seats, quality food for reasonable prices (“reasonable” stands for “less than four times more expensive than in the outer world”), numerous and clean toilets as well as showers, lounge areas with couches and wireless internet access...

Top 10 Tourist Sites in the USA

The Grand Canyon or the Empire State Building? Which one of them is the most popular tourist sight of the USA? The answer is: none! Both of them ranked in the U.S. top ten; they are far from being number 1 though. The winner is Walt Disney World in Florida with more than 17 million visitors per year. Thanks to Disney and other amusement parks, Orlando, Florida holds the record in the number of visitors per year – it rises up to 48 million. Even the Big Apple is not so popular (46 million) and the tourist Mecca Las Vegas can boast "only" about 39 million visitors.


Thinking about some comfortable room with gorgeous view and amazingly fluffy pillows? Are you spoilt enough to demand only the best? There are hundreds of luxury hotels but which one is on the top? Conde Nast Johansens selected among their Conde Nast Johansens Award Winners the 10 of the very best hotels. Let’s see if you can cope with the luxury. Brought to you by

Top Unusual Hotels of the World – Budget WOW

The second most often asked question visitors pose (*) on the Unusual Hotels of the World website is how much it costs to stay in the 150 properties in the current guide. All are surprised at the low price and great value of the properties, and recognize the truth in the UHOTW promise that the only WOW is the property itself, not the bill! Steve Dobson picks some of his top rated favourites from the guide below. Brought to you by (*) the top question we’re asked concerns the availability of toilet facilities in treehouses and ice hotels.

Top 10 “Internet Countries”

Nowadays, internet is the most important and fastest developing medium worldwide. It has changed our way of everyday life and thinking in many aspects and influenced every single one of us. Information is easy and quick to find and thus considerably better accessible. Due to the massive evolution of online shopping and booking, also tour operators and destinations had to rethink and take the internet business into account. Internet Statistics compiled by Internet World Stats and brought to you by Tourism shows the top 10 countries in terms of the absolute number of Internet users.

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