TOP 10’s Rankings in the World Travel Market

Top Greenest Cities in Europe

What is the greenest city in Europe? Where can you see the most parks, the purest water, or the least cars? The European Commission decided to resolve the issue and award cities dedicated to the improvement of environment. On 23 February 2009, the very first European Green Capital Award was given to the winner for 2010 – Stockholm, and for 2011 – Hamburg. The other six front runners however were also highly praised for their unique initiatives. invites you to be inspired.

Top 10 Interesting Abandoned Places

Abandoned places, especially towns, townlets or industrial remains are very attractive for many people. Why? Because they show people what the world would look like if they all died out suddenly or just disappeared. Standing in the middle of a street that seems to be completely normal, with houses, gardens, sidewalks and trees, yet something appears to be missing – of course, the people – often makes one wonder What has happened to these people. Why did they leave like this?

Most Popular Destinations of Russian Travelers

Many countries, not only in Europe, have already noticed the growing numbers of Russian tourists keen on seeing new places and visiting the must-see destinations portrayed in their travel guide. Last year the Russian outgoing tourism increased by 20.8 per cent. Besides sightseeing many Russians just love to spend their holidays by the sea enjoying the white sand beaches. No wonder that the most popular destinations during the Soviet era were Crimea and Sochi – today it is Turkey and Egypt. What other parts of the world enjoy the presence of the spendthrift Russian tourists? Check out this list by

Top Ten Literary Tourist Destinations

Anyone who likes reading books has probably experienced the moment when you close your eyes and wonder what the place you have just been reading about may look like. Is it inspired by the author’s environs, his home town or travels or is it pure fiction? There is an easy way to find out – literary tourism. Instead of going to the seaside for your holiday, pack your backpack and set out for a trip to places where William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens wrote their major works, visit the favourite spots of the Beatniks or the grave of Ernest Hemmingway and search for the connections between what you have read and what you get to see. The TripAdvisor has chosen top ten literary tourism sites, now brought to you by

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The Longest Roller-Coasters of the World

Yet another research by the German e-magazine! These people must be really enthusiasts, riding all those roller coasters just to let us know which one is the longest, the fastest, the tallest, simply the best. This time, speed is not what matters but do not worry – you won’t be forced to ride a kids’ choo-choo train. The magazine focused on the length of the ride, because the longer you ride, the longer you enjoy the speed and the more fun you have. Let’s check it with!

10 Places to See Before They Disappear

The environmentalists have been warning us for years. Only recently though people started to listen carefully. Several natural as well as cultural and architectonic treasures might disappear unless we start taking proper care of the environs that surround us. Now Frommers, a professional travel portal, made a collection of destinations you should see rather quickly before they vanish. These ten sites, presented to you by, make up a carefully chosen list of destinations for eco-conscious travelers to enjoy. That verb "enjoy" is crucial for in the process of cherishing these natural and cultural wonders we renew our commitment to preserving them.

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Seven Wonders of the Czech Republic

Besides the original 7 Wonders of the world or even the New 7 Wonders of the world, almost every country wants to have its own Seven Wonders. In the Czech Republic there is no such list however; at least not an official one. Few years ago a local newspaper MfDNES organized an opinion poll. Over 1,2 million readers voted for the top seven architectural marvels in the country. presents the results.

Top Travel Innovations of the Past 10 Years

50 years ago, traveling was not as popular and comfortable as it is now. The transport was slow and exhausting, luggage heavy and most people were satisfied spending their holiday at home or in a summer cottage. Many things have changed since then that made traveling better and easier. asked its readers what they consider the top 10 most important travel improvements and Tourism Review brings you the results of the poll.

World's Quirkiest Camps for the Grown-Ups

Do you think only children play games? Do you think you are too adult to be crazy? Well, you are not! There are many adults all around the world who do not want to give up their childhood games and toys and who would do anything not to have to. A summer camp is a perfect opportunity. Here you can meet people of all ages who have a hobby in common and who just like to play games, even though their hair may be grey and their face wrinkled. Tourism Review brings you the list of top ten absolutely crazy camps for adults from

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Top 10 Airports to Spend Your Night At

Anyone who has ever had to spend a night at the airport knows exactly what services and amenities he/she would like to receive yet unfortunately mostly doesn’t. Comfortable seats, quality food for reasonable prices (“reasonable” stands for “less than four times more expensive than in the outer world”), numerous and clean toilets as well as showers, lounge areas with couches and wireless internet access...

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